My Projects

The Password Generator
Stack: Python, Flask, HTML/CSS, Sklearn

Ling is a Machine Learning Web Application and API which can be utilized to detect the Gender of a Person given their name. You can visit the Github Repository here.

The Day Planner
Stack: Android, Java, MySQL, Justinmind

Yukta is an Android Application created for the purpose of learning Android Development for the purpose of Diet Management and to provide the user a platform to calculate their daily caloric needs. You can visit the Github Repository here.

Local Tunes
Stack: Flask, Tensorflow, Keras, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Sankhya is a Flask Web Application that can identify and recognize Hand-Written Digits using Deep Learning Algorithms. You can visit the Github Repository here.

The Weather App
Stack: Django, Sklearn, NLTK, Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML/CSS

NewsFresh is a Machine Learning Application developed via Django Backend and Bootstrap Front-End which utilizes Natural Language Processing and effective Crowdsourcing to detect Fake News. Winner of Second Prize at Hack Infinity 2.0 Hackathon